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EcoFlow RIVER Pro Portable Power Station

52 reviews
by EcoFlow
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The EcoFlow RIVER Pro is a compact, portable power station built to take your adventure into the great outdoors. Whether you are camping, over-landing, tailgating, or boating, the RIVER Pro provides reliable power that lets you take your adventure anywhere.

camping with the ecoflow river pro

X-Boost Smart Algorithm

The EcoFlow X-Boost technology gives you the ability to use the 600W inverter to power essential devices like kitchen appliances and tools up to 1800W. This unique technology is perfect for outdoor adventures when you need to power your favorite devices on the go. Please conduct a full test on a case-by-case basis to confirm the X-Boost feature works with your appliances. Use X-Boost with devices below 1200W for the best product experience.

charging different devices with the EcoFlow River Pro and the extra battery

Faster Recharging Speed

EcoFlow's X-Stream fast charge technology eliminates the need for carrying around bulky power adapters. The RIVER Pro supports AC charge input up to 660W and can charge from 0-80% within 1 hour, achieving a full charge in 1.6 hours.

Man carying the EcoFlow River Pro

Power that Grows with You

From a solo road trip to group camping, the RIVER Pro has expandable power that unleashes your weekend adventures. If you are planning on taking a long journey or have more power-heavy applications in mind, add the RIVER Pro Extra Battery to double the device capacity from 720Wh to 1440Wh.

The RIVER Pro weighs just 15.9 lbs and the RIVER Pro Extra Battery weighs 15.4 lbs, making them both portable and easy to transport. The RIVER Pro + Extra Battery can easily fit in a car trunk, on a campsite, or indoors, giving you the power to take your adventure anywhere.

Experience the best of uninterrupted power supply with the EcoFlow RIVER Pro Portable Power Station. Order now!

girl pluggin in ecoflow river pro to the extra battery

EcoFlow River Pro FAQ's

Which devices can be powered using the RIVER Pro?

The RIVER Pro is versatile, capable of energizing devices up to 1800W when X-Boost mode is activated. This accounts for approximately 80% of essential appliances such as kitchen equipment and DIY tools.

The scope of compatible devices includes, but is not limited to, home essentials like lighting, compact refrigerators, televisions, hairdryers, along with outdoor equipment such as phones, laptops, cameras, drones, and electric kettles.

For optimal performance, it is advised to use devices with power requirements below 1200W. The RIVER series power station is not designed to cater to heavy-duty appliances like air conditioners, ovens, or washing machines.

To ensure the X-Boost feature is compatible with your specific appliances, conduct thorough tests. Prior to utilizing the X-Boost feature, ensure the RIVER Pro is updated to the latest firmware via the EcoFlow App.

How many solar panels can be linked to the RIVER Pro?

The RIVER Pro can be linked to either a single 110W Solar Panel or a 160W Solar Panel. For enhanced power needs, it is possible to connect two 110W Solar Panels in parallel to the RIVER Pro using a Solar Parallel Cable, available separately.

Can 1800W devices be used with the RIVER Pro?

The RIVER Pro, equipped with X-Boost, can cater to devices up to 1800W. However, this is subject to individual testing. For superior product experience, it is recommended to use devices rated below 1200W.

The RIVER series power station is not advisable for powering heavy-duty appliances like air conditioners, ovens, or washing machines. Please conduct individual tests to verify the X-Boost feature's compatibility with your appliances. Always update the RIVER Pro to the latest firmware using the EcoFlow App before employing the X-Boost feature.

Can the RIVER Pro be used with other EcoFlow Extra Batteries?

The RIVER Pro power station is exclusively designed to connect with the RIVER Pro Extra Battery. It is not compatible with other extra batteries.

Can DELTA series power stations be charged using RIVER series power station AC charging cables?

Absolutely NOT. The RIVER series portable power station AC charging cables are not intended for use with DELTA series power stations. Failure to adhere to this instruction may result in damage for which EcoFlow will not be held responsible. Such misuse will also result in the warranty being voided.

EcoFlow RIVER Pro Extra Battery FAQs

Is the EcoFlow RIVER Pro Extra Battery compatible with other devices?

The EcoFlow RIVER Pro Extra Battery is exclusively designed to link with a single EcoFlow RIVER Pro power station. It's not intended for compatibility with different power stations. If your requirement is an Extra Battery for the RIVER, consider acquiring the RIVER Extra Battery.

What are the optimal storage conditions for the RIVER Pro Extra Battery?

The RIVER Pro Extra Battery should be stored in a moisture-free environment, avoiding any direct exposure to water. For prolonged storage, it is recommended to charge the battery between 30-50%, deactivate the main switch, and maintain room temperature conditions. These steps can help in preserving the battery longevity.

What distinguishes the RIVER Pro from the R600 Pro?

The RIVER Pro and the R600 Pro, while bearing certain similarities, also possess distinct characteristics:

RIVER Pro and R600 Pro share near-equal capacity, RIVER Pro with 720Wh and R600 Pro with 768Wh. Both can be refueled using an AC wall outlet, 12V car charge, or solar panels, and offer 10 accessible outlet options, encompassing 3 x AC output, 2 x USB-A, 1 x USB-A fast charge, 1 x USB-C, 1 x Car cigarette output, and 2 x DC5521. They also exhibit similar recharge times, reaching 80% from a depleted state in an hour, and attaining full charge in 1.6 hours.

The RIVER Pro excels in terms of a broader discharge temperature spectrum and reduced weight, while the R600 Pro stands out for its extended lifecycle and the ability to couple with an additional unit in parallel via X-link.

Both RIVER Pro and R600 Pro have unique accessory options. For instance, the Extra Battery option is not interchangeable between the RIVER Pro and the R600 Pro. The RIVER Pro is compatible with the RIVER Pro Extra Battery, which doesn't function with the R600 Pro. On the other hand, the R600 Pro can interface with an EF1500, which is not compatible with the RIVER Pro.

How do you connect the RIVER Pro Extra Battery to the RIVER Pro?

  1. Power off BOTH the RIVER Pro and RIVER Pro Extra Battery before attempting to connect them together.
  2. Open the Power Expansion Port cover on RIVER Pro to access the Power Expansion Port. Connect the Expansion Power Cable to the RIVER Pro Expansion Power Port. Tighten the screws on the Expansion Power port securely.
  3. Open the Expansion Port Cover of the RIVER Pro Extra Battery to access the Expansion Power Port. Connect the free end of the Expansion Power Cable to the RIVER Pro Extra Battery Power Expansion Port. Tighten the screws on the Expansion Power port securely.
  4. Turn on the power button of the RIVER Pro or RIVER Pro Extra Battery. Fully charge the devices for the first time and ensure the voltage is consistent to maximize the performance. If the display of the RIVER Pro shows the Extra Battery Icon, the connection is successful.  

EcoFlow River Pro Specifications

General Info

Net Weight

*15.9 lbs (7.2kg)


*11.4 x 7.1 x 9.3 in (28.9 x 18.0 x 23.5 cm)   

Charge Temperature

32-113°F +/- 5°F (0-45°C +/- 3°C)

Discharge Temperature

-4-113°F +/- 5°F (-20-45°C +/- 3°C)  


Cyber Black 


24 month


Charge Method

AC Wall Outlet, 12V Car Adaptor, Solar Panel 

Full Recharge Time

1.6 Hours (AC)
6.5 Hours (12/24V Car Adaptor)
4.5-9 Hours (Using 2x110W Solar Panels in parallel with full sun)

7.5-15 Hours (Using 1x160W Solar Panel with full sun)

Battery Info


720Wh (28.8V)

Cell Chemistry


Shelf Life

1 year (after fully charged)

Cycle Life

800 cycles to 80%+ capacity

Management Systems

BMS, Over Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, 
Over Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection
Low Temperature Protection, Low Voltage Protection, 
Overcurrent Protection

Testing and certification

UL Standard, CE, FCC, RoHS, RCM

Input Ports

AC Charge Input Power

X-Stream Charge 660W Max

AC Charge Input Voltage

100-120Vac(50Hz/60Hz); International Version 


Solar Charge Input

200W 10-25Vdc 12A Max

Car Charger

12Vdc 8A Max

Output Ports

AC Output (x3)

600W (Surge 1200W) total,120Vac( 50Hz/60Hz) 

USB-A Output (x2)

5Vdc, 2.4A, 12W Max, per port

USB-A Fast Charge (x1)

5Vdc, 9Vdc, 12Vdc, 2.4A, 28W Max

USB-C Output (x1)

5Vdc, 9Vdc, 12Vdc, 15Vdc, 20Vdc, 5A, 100W Max  

Car Power Output (x1) 

136W, 13.6Vdc, 10A Max

DC5521 Output (x2)

13.6Vdc, 3A Max, per port

EcoFlow Extra Battery Specifications

General Info

Net Weight

15.4 lbs (7kg)


11.3 x 7.1 x 8.3 in (28.8 x 18 x 21 cm)

Charge Temperature

32-113°F +/- 5°F (0-45°C +/- 3°C)

Discharge Temperature

-4-113°F +/- 5°F (-20-45°C +/- 3°C)




24 month

Testing and certification



Expansion Power Port

24.4V - 33.6V, 720W Max


Expansion Power Port

33.6V, 660W Max

Battery Info


720Wh (28.8V)

Cell Chemistry


Cell Type


Shelf Life

1 year (after fully charged) 

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River Pro and Extra Battery

Initially, my River Pro did not recognize the extra battery connected to it, due to still running outdated firmware from the factory. To fix this, download the EcoFlow app on your phone and follow the connection prompts it provides. Once synced, open the Settings in the app and scroll down to the firmware update. It takes awhile to download and install, but this resolved the connectivity problem for me.

Richard K.
United States United States

Great service

I just received this item so I have only charged it and have yet to put it to use. I will say that the care and service I received was exemplar. After mis-ordering it was no hassle to return the item and get what I needed. I am very pleased with the level of care I received Rich


Heavy duty well construction

Quality product..easy to use and great price will last for years


Double your capacity for the River Pro.

Doubled my power for a lot less than another whole unit. It would be nice to have all the feature of a 2nd unit or maybe just a few, like separate charging, but I understand it would add cost. The only think I'm not thrilled with is the cable that connects the 2 units. It works fine, it's just stiff and makes positioning the both boxes a little less efficient. I still gave it 5 stars for price and performance.

Nate M.

Long lasting power source

Amazing machine. Compact and long lasting power. I powered a 32 inch monitor, laptop and mi fi device for 10 hours and still had probably 8 hours of power remaining.